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The Host With the Most: How to Throw an Italian-Inspired Dinner Party

Miriam Mcdonalid

Hosting a dinner party is great, because you don't have to worry about making reservations or hailing a cab while balancing on 6-inch stilettos; you just need to come up with a great theme to make your dinner party stand out from all the rest. To liven up your party, try giving it an Italian theme. With the right decorations, food, and entertainment, your house will be transformed into Little Italy!


Create an Italian-style room by pinning up mini Italian flags and cover the dinner table with red and white checkered tablecloth. Use grape vines or olive branches as centrepieces, and if you're creative, you can try to make a small-scale model of the Tower of Pi (bonus points if you use edibles, such as fruit or veggies so your guests can admire it... and then eat it!). For a cosy atmosphere, dim the lights and place candles around the room. Have your guests wear Italian-inspired outfits, such as knee-length dresses, skinny pants with blouses, or nice jeans with dark shirts and good shoes.


Perfect appetizers include bruschetta, prosciutto, and Caprese salad. For the entrées, there is an array of Italian dishes to choose from, such as lasagne, spaghetti and meatballs, chicken parmesan, cappelletti, and, of course, pizza. Depending on how formal the dinner is, you can either host a sit-down meal, or make it more informal by having your guests make individual pizzas or calzones with the toppings of their choice. Leave some room for dessert, because Italian desserts are amazing. Try a delicious tiramisu and panna cotta, or help your guests stay awake after that filling meal by offering them some Italian coffee with fresh biscotti.


As well as being famous for their cuisine, Italians are also known for their wonderful hospitality. Embrace the Italian theme by putting on some authentic Italian music for everyone to enjoy. For games, unless you have an indoor stadium and absolutely no breakables, forgo trying to recreate one of Italy's famous soccer teams and have them play a tamer game of "biliardino" (table soccer). Another Italian game—that is said to be over 6000 years old—is "trottola," which is more commonly known today as spinning tops. Don't assume that these games are just for children. Your guests may be a bit hesitant at first, but they're guaranteed to quickly discover their inner competitiveness!

When the last meatball is eaten and the final spinning top comes to a rest, your party will come to a close. Your guests will be satiated from the delicious food, exciting music, and entertaining games, but they won't want the fun to end! Though this night can't last forever, reassure everyone that this Italian-inspired dinner party is only just the beginning there are plenty of more to come. For more information, contact a local Italian restaurant.


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