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Cheap Water: A Short Guide to the Most Cost Effective, Fresh Water for Your Frugal Family

Miriam Mcdonalid

Access to fresh, clean drinking water is vital for the health and wellbeing of your family, but it can become expensive. If you're looking for a cost effective fresh water solution for your frugal family, check out this short guide.

Boxed spring water versus water filter

While many Australian families happily purchase spring water in bottles or 10 litre boxes for drinking and cooking, under the assumption that it is a healthy, pure option. Purchasing water is a very expensive way of keeping your family hydrated, however, and much of the cost goes to marketing and producing the environmentally-harmful plastic packaging. While many Australians suggest that they drink spring water for health-conscious or taste-based reasons, bottled water is now considered an expensive premium product that doesn't provide any more quality benefits than regular tap water.

If you are concerned about the healthiness or flavour of your tap water, these factors can be considerably improved by using an economical water filtration system.

Get tested before you commit

Getting your home tap water tested is highly recommended if you're planning to use it for drinking and cooking. While mains water in Australia goes through a filtration process, many homes with bore or tank water are at risk of biological or chemical contaminants entering their water. These can be from a range of sources including animal waste, algae, pollen, organic matter and chemical compounds on guttering or plumbing materials.

Whether you opt for a simple, cheap home water testing kit or have a professional conduct a comprehensive water test, make sure you get information regarding contaminants as well as pH, alkalinity, hardness, bacteria, chlorine and nitrate levels present in your home water supply. This will help your local water filtration experts select the ideal filtration solution.

Choose the right system for your water source

When it comes to choosing a water filtration system for your home, consider both the water test and your budget limitations. There are a range of options available, some of which include:

  • Countertop filtration jug or external tap filters- cheap initially, however ongoing costs of filter replacement, labour intensive filtering and minimal removal of contaminants are definite cons.
  • Reverse Osmosis- removes lots of contaminants but can be slow, waste water and requires strong water pressure to work efficiently.
  • Solid block carbon filtration- an long-term inexpensive option that doesn't require regular filter changing, electricity or water pressure.
  • Under-counter multi-stage filtration- Great tasting water with the least contaminants, and ultra-easy to use.

One your new water filtration system is installed, don't underestimate the importance of regular maintenance- keeping it well-maintained will ensure your family has an endless supply of healthy, clean water, while preserving the longevity of the system itself.

For more information and assistance to select and maintain your water filter, chat with your local water filtration experts today.


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