Baking and Making Food

Baking and Making Food

4 Dishes You Consider Ordering When You Visit a Chinese Restaurant

Miriam Mcdonalid

When visiting your local Chinese restaurant, it can be easy to fall into a rut, ordering the same thing off the menu every time you visit. However, if you do this, you may be missing out on some great food. Chinese food is a very diverse and wide-ranging cuisine. Below is a guide to some Chinese dishes you may wish to try out on your next visit to your local Chinese restaurant.

Hot and Sour Soup

This dish will vary from restaurant to restaurant. The recipe used to create the soup will very much depend on which region of China the chef comes from. However, despite the regional differences, all hot and sour soup recipes contain some basic ingredients such as bean curd, pork or beef and mushrooms, carrots and egg. These ingredients are cooked in a flavoured stock to produce a hot and sour treat.

Kung Pao

If you fancy something, a little spicy, Kung pao could be the thing for you. This dish consists of pieces of chicken which have been marinated in chill peppers, peanut butter, finely chopped onions and sprouts. These ingredients are then cooked in a mixture of garlic, ginger and orange juice. While these ingredients may sound like a strange combination, they really deliver a tasty kick.

Chow Fun

Chow fun is a noodle dish which is served with pork, beef or chicken. The noodles used to make Chow fun are larger than standard noodles and are normally only boiled for a few minutes to achieve a chewy texture. Soy sauce is added as the noodles are mixed with the beef, chicken or pork in a very hot wok. The heat causes the soy sauce to caramelize creating a fantastic flavour.

Happy Family

A Happy family is another great plate of food which can have slight variations from restaurant to restaurant. The happy family dish will normally be based on a secret family recipe which has been passed on from generation to generation. This dish may contain various meats such as beef, chicken or port alongside prawns and other seafood such as crab. This will be mixed and cooked at a high heat with vegetables such as beans, peas and mushrooms. This is covered in a homemade sauce during cooking and is then mixed with fried rice.

If you are interested in trying some of these exciting dishes, you should contact your local Chinese restaurant today.


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